Big and Rich WCOL Country Jam

Big Kenny and John Rich make up the Nashville country duo known as (of course) Big & Rich. Each artist had their own projects before forming Big & Rich: John Rich was a founding member of country band Lonestar and Big Kenny was an aspiring rock artist. Upon meeting, Big and John began writing songs together, although it would be several more years before the duo known as Big & Rich would form. In the early 2000’s, each artist released solo material and together founded a singer-songwriter group known as the MuzikMafia. After a suggestion from Martina McBride’s manager, Marc Oswald, that the duo join together, Big & Rich came to be. Their debut album Horse of a Different Color released in 2004 and included the chart topping single, “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)”. Following the albums release, they supported Tim McGraw on a worldwide tour. The next three years saw both artists releasing solo material before reuniting in 2012 for their fourth album, Hillbilly Jedi. In 2014 they released their fifth album, Gravity, and began their own Big & Rich record label. With several platinum selling records and a stable full of hits, Big & Rich are going to be one of the standout performances of the weekend.