Joe Nichols WCOL Country Jam

Another industry vet, WCOL welcomes Joe Nichols to this year’s Country Jam! Raised in Arkansas, Nichols got his first recording deal at age 19, and released his debut album Joe Nichols in 1996. Following poor sales, Nichols was dropped from the label and had trouble finding further success, even having to pick up odd jobs to pay his bills. In 1999, a friend of Nichols helped him get signed by Universal South Records, and Nichols released his second album in July of 2002. Man with a Memory proved to be a much bigger success than his debut, earning Nichols three Grammy nominations, ACM’s award for Top New Male Vocalist, and several singles, including his first number one hit, “Brokenheartsville”. Nichols catalogue has grown substantially then, with six more albums and four more number one singles, including “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”, “Sunny and 75”, and “Yeah”. What will undeniably be an electric show, WCOL is thrilled to have Joe Nichols join us for this year’s Country Jam!